On Protracted People’s War, and its Universal Applicability

The following are a number of writings, both on the concept of Protracted People’s War as a revolutionary strategy, and on the universal applicablity of that strategy (i.e., the use of PPW as a revolutionary strategy in the Imperialist countries, as well as the periphery). I believe these documents and the ideas they contain are of vital importance to any individuals and organizations that consider themselves communist.

If you have any suggestions for documents I might have left out, please feel free to link them!

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An actual radical subreddit?

Irateadri, myself, and another comrade have recently begun to moderate the /r/Communism subreddit. We invite all of our 5 readers to come!

Please note that, while on here we are often very inflammatory, this is a broad communist forum. Dedication to radical politics and at least some understanding of Marx is required, but we won’t tolerate, for example, flagrant Trot bashing, as it would just devolve the subreddit into a sectarian circlejerk.


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Badasses Wear Glasses


This raises a question: Is LASIK counter-revolutionary?

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Thomas Sankara: The Upright Man

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Chris Hedges has an ideological tumor called Liberalism.

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Hallmarks of the White Left

I’ve been engaged in tiresome conversations with white leftists who defend white power. This post is a list of things I have encountered. Comrades are encouraged to add to the list in comments, or to criticize my observations.

General manifestations of White Leftism:


  • Liberal focus on racism instead of an examination of the relations of exploitation of which racism is merely a product
  • Liberal focus on class-ism instead of an examination of the relations of production of which class-ism is merely a product.
  • Liberal focus on individual positions within the system, eg “Obama is black” or “some white people are poor too”
  • Claims that discussions of systems of exploitation where white people are the beneficiaries is harmful to left politics, even if they admit that those systems of exploitation are really operating. For example, might admit that white people as a group benefit from the super-exploitation of colonized people, but argue that demanding an end to that system will offend white people who are necessary for revolution. Always refocuses on the necessity of whiteness.
  • Argues that white people are a super-special-snowflake group. Argues that white people are easily offended and it is highly important that they be coddled. Argues that non-white people should not be coddled and should be grateful for white assistance.
  • Argues that an end to capitalist relations will mean an end to racial inequity. Disinterested in the dialectics of capitalism and colonialism.
  • Given any opportunity, will challenge the facts of colonialism. Always pushing back against the narrative of non-white suffering. Will challenge statistics of suffering with rightist just-so stories.
  • Asserts that white narratives and stories are always true and important, but non-white narratives and stories are likely untrue and irrelevant.
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