Chris Hedges has an ideological tumor called Liberalism.

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I like cycling, the beach and communism.
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3 Responses to Cancer

  1. ragingvlad says:

    While I do agree that window-smashing by what is primarily a group of privileged white kids is by no means revolutionary, That isn’t at all what Hedges here was talking about. Hedges wasn’t attacking the bloc because he legitimately wants better revolutionary strategy, he was doing it assuage the liberals involved in OWS, to give them a scapegoat for the failures of OWS. Instead of focusing on the limitations of the ideology behind OWS, he has chosen to parrot the nonviolence dogma that is, as always, so popular amongst liberals with shit to lose in the event of the current system collapsing.

    So, in short, what angrykarl said.

  2. Hey angrykarl and ragingvlad I missed the article that Hedges wrote. Can you tell me where to find it. Thanks.
    When he and Zeese get together its really sorry.

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