An actual radical subreddit?

Irateadri, myself, and another comrade have recently begun to moderate the /r/Communism subreddit. We invite all of our 5 readers to come!

Please note that, while on here we are often very inflammatory, this is a broad communist forum. Dedication to radical politics and at least some understanding of Marx is required, but we won’t tolerate, for example, flagrant Trot bashing, as it would just devolve the subreddit into a sectarian circlejerk.


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5 Responses to An actual radical subreddit?

  1. starmeleon says:

    fucking authoritarians

  2. mf says:

    After reading some very vulgar comments from people with Mao avatars next to them, I immediately started speculating “who are these people?”… Go figure, of course it’s the appropriately named Angry Marxists!

    Hopefully we can make this little corner of the internet a safe haven for Maoists and other radicals to interact with each other. I’ll help spread the word🙂

    Yours truly,
    oskarmlm on reddit

    • ragingvlad says:

      Haha, I read this like right after you introduced yourself on reddit. Also, I would love if you brought more people in! The fact that every leftist forum on the Internet has devolved (or started as) into complete shit has always irked me, so I’m hoping we can make something marginally better with this.

      Also, JMP refuses to join us because he is a curmudgeonly old man that hates fun and the Internet.

  3. ragingvlad says:

    So far? Nobody we know, really.😦

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